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Research and Development

With scientific development, the world is now safer.


Today, nothing has changed.The Bio-Labone team harness science to create new products, processes and applications.


One key component of Bio-Labone Science and Technology is the effort of Central Research and Development (CR&D),Bio-Labone CR&D has been responsible for most of our major products breakthroughs.CR&D provides both leveraged scientific services to the corporation and long-term research activities.


In the past years, CR&D has enhanced its research model that has significant benefits to the corporation, these includes:


# Long-term research on providing options and creating new revenue.

# Creation of the Growth Council to select projects and oversee our portfolio to assure growth.

# A research review process to ensure that project goals and business cases are reconciled regularly.

# Leveraged services that provide cutting-edge technology and support to the corporation

Leveraged Technologies


Almost half of CR&D personnel are responsible for leveraged services that provide scientific expertise to the company.


Our leveraged technologies organizations are:


# Corporate Center for Analytical Science

# Providing cutting-edge capability, applied problem solving and rapid response services.

# Corporate Center for Engineering Research

# Developing new engineering science for asset productivity.


Leveraged Information Technology and Research Services delivers scientific computing. These includes visualization and bioinformatics, the Labone Information Repository, Business Intelligence Center, Research Operations and patent support activities for CR&D

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