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Safety Storage Cabinet

Product Features
Safety Protection:
According to EN 14470-1, the cabinet provides 30-minute's protection from collapse and passage of fire.
Warning Stickers:
All safety cabinets are equipped with warning stickers in accordance with safety measure.
Completely produced by electo-galvanized steel of 1.2mm thickness. The surface is durable and chemical resistant, lead-free powder coat paint finish, inside and outside, retains high gloss look and minimizes the effect of corrosion and humidity.
Self-closed mechanism:
The self-closed mechanism provides obstruction-free access to top shelf space. Self-indexing doors guarantee they will close in sequence and assure a tight closure from top to bottom.
Easy operated handles to control two doors and is highly visible.
Filter Cotton:
6mm coarse filter cotton is placed inside to prevent dust and other gas particles entering.
Ventilation outlet:
If connected to a fan, the noxious gas can be exhaust from the ventilation outlet. The ventilation outlet is Φ 40mm.
Shelves Adjustment:
The shelves can be easily adjusted in certain distance to meet customers requirements and storage needs.
Total with 4 shelves to store flammables, each shelve is anti-acid coated.
Stainless Steel Hinges:
Continuous piano hinge provides smooth closure.
Lock with keys to keep the cabinet safe.
Perforated Sheet Insertion:
Bottom sump, as additional storage surface with removable perforated sheet insert to collect leakage liquids or other hazardous materials.
The internal insulation is used for the cabinets for inflammable products. All cabinets are equipped with a special trimming which inflates if exposed to heat and is transformed into foam which has a high insulation power suitable for all adjacent shapes. They can hold back flames, heat smoke, and gas in a permanent hermetic manner.
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