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Product Features
Superstructure is constructed from Expoxy powder coated steel for durability and stability.
Sash window a 6mm safety glass with full length grip and counterbalanced by metal weights for smooth sliding operation. There is safety stopper to prevent sash from opening over a safety height.
Worktop is a one-piece moulded, epoxy resin top which is chemical resistant with marine edge to prevent spillage. 
Inner Liner:
The inner liner and baffle are make of acid and alkali resistant material with pedestals for easy access to distillation rack.
Access Doors:
Access doors on both side of the fume hood enable easy maintenace of the fume hood.
Power supply:
All electrical power supply sockets are eqquipped with safety cover to prevent corrossion of electrical contacts.
The fume hood is installed with high-quality and dust-proof fluorescent that provides optimun light for the operator.
Remote Controls:
Remote controls and service valves for gas and water are color-coded for easy identification.
Electrical Wire Access Outlets:
Eletrical wire access outlets allows placement of fume hoods adjacent to each other.
Control Panel:
The intelligent control panel regulate the air velocity and capacity in the fume hood.
Base cabinet:
The base cabinet allows additional storage area in the laboratory.
SS Air Foil Front Panel:
The air foil front panel is specially designed to allows any electrical appliances easy access to the power socket.
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